This is a neural and multimedia center for solving real-world problems including cybersecurity problems, VLSI CAD, medical imaging, molecular biology, operations research, mathematics, games, management science, agriculture, financial engineering, computer-art, energy-harvesting, and other intractable problems.

Our projects has been or had been supported by Information-technology Promotion Agency of METI, TEPCO, Moritani, necmagnus, KAST, jaxa, NHK, Mitsubishi( retina camera, wireless), FujiXerox, Tripwire, Science Park, i-cynap, Device Drivers, Suzuki, startek, clara, scarabs, instructional design, creator's, roumap, freegene, groovymedia, ousia, Sharp, Beat, JR-east, signaCert, Obayashi, Kajima, mitsubishi-enpitsu, toadoro, quality, zenta, genexus, kanagawa, qualcomm, JWA, yamazaki, kankyoResearch, archeco, inclusionjapan, sunnyHealth, honda-ms, niigata-techno, yuki, and other organizations.

We have been supporting the CEDECI project in Argentina from Nov., 1995 , the PSDI (Philippine Software Development Institute) of National Computer Center of the Philippine government from March 30, 1997, and VITTI (Vietnam Information Technology Training Institute) from June 4, 1998, Royal Scientific Society project in Jordan from Jan. 28, 2001 CTTISC , SriLanka project from Dec. 2 of 2003 through the assistance of the JICA, and Multimedia University of Malaysia. We have also been supporting Tomoe soroban, JNSA, Institute of tropical medicine , Japan Food Service Association , TrustE, balance-tsumiki,


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Nature Cafe on May 24 in 2012 at UK embassy



音力発電および速水君は JR東日本が実験してきている発電床プロジェクトとは、





Motorcycle thermoelectric power generation


TBS radio

NHK World

Fastest SOM algorithm in the world

Thermoelectric power generator

Shugiin internet TV

ultra-low cost internet gadget design (Ohmsha)

Circuit Cellar (open source)

Elekijack (open source)

Transistor-Gijutsu (open source)

Iwanami Junior book

Technology and Society(現代技術と社会) in Spring 2016

Takefuji lab. projects

RFID newspaper articles

Best small hotel in Nagasaki

E-kit projects


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