Takefuji Lab. is a neural and multimedia center for solving real-world problems including cybersecurity problems, VLSI CAD, medical imaging, molecular biology, operations research, mathematics, games, management science, agriculture, financial engineering, computer-art, energy-harvesting, and other intractable problems.

Our projects has been or had been supported by Information-technology Promotion Agency of METI, TEPCO, Moritani, necmagnus, KAST, jaxa, NHK, Mitsubishi( retina camera, wireless), FujiXerox, Tripwire, Science Park, ai-cynap, Device Drivers, Suzuki, startek, clara, scarabs, instructional design, creator's, roumap, freegene, groovymedia, ousia, Sharp, Beat, JR-east, signaCert, Obayashi, Kajima, mitsubishi-enpitsu, toadoro, quality, zenta, genexus, kanagawa, aizu_denryoku, JWA, yamazaki, kankyoResearch, archeco, inclusionjapan, honda-ms, niigata-techno, yuki, daiyufreeze, tf-service, MaBeee, Morita-miyata, and other organizations.

We have been supporting the CEDECI project in Argentina from Nov., 1995 , the PSDI (Philippine Software Development Institute) of National Computer Center of the Philippine government from March 30, 1997, and VITTI (Vietnam Information Technology Training Institute) from June 4, 1998, Royal Scientific Society project in Jordan from Jan. 28, 2001 CTTISC, SriLanka project from Dec. 2 of 2003 through the assistance of the JICA, and Multimedia University of Malaysia. We have also been supporting Tomoe soroban, JNSA, Institute of tropical medicine , Japan Food Service Association , TrustE, balance-tsumiki,


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--------Science publications by Yoshiyasu Takefuji--------

66. Patent problems and commercialization must be considered in open data sharing policy Science (eLetter, 13 Feb 2018)

65. Fake news and government censorship play a key role in the nuclear age Science (eLetter, 9 Feb 2018)

64. Sapiential city policy in China Science (eLetter, 5 Feb 2018)

63. The transparent policy plays a key role in the healthy institutions Science (eLetter, 5 Feb 2018)

62. In the long run, the gap between the rich and poor will dramatically increase by artificial intelligence Science (eLetter, 1 Feb 2018)

61. Balancing the duality (yin and yang) plays a key role in building a happy and healthy society Science (eLetter, 26 January 2018)

60. Reinforcement learning is better than human judges Science (eLetter, 22 January 2018)

59. Contributions of the Sun must be considered in nature's contributions to people Science (eLetter, 22 January 2018)

58. Determining the nature of Frankenstein is beyond our control Science (eLetter, 22 January 2018)

57. Drastic changes by the strong leadership in China for air pollution Science (eLetter, 22 January 2018)

56. Controlling harassers by ancient martial arts in Japan Science (eLetter, 12 January 2018)

55. Automatically building a formula by machine learning using big data for social science Science (eLetter, 11 January 2018)

54. FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) is a great invention Science (eLetter, 26 December 2017)

53. What should we teach to children in machine learning age? Science (eLetter, 22 December 2017)

52. More Metamaterials, More Imaginations Science (eLetter, 20 December 2017)

51. Open source accelerates 3D fabrications and 3D printings Science (eLetter, 20 December 2017)

50. The current vehicles are in the Telnet's/HTTP's era: cryptography should be embedded in the autonomous vehicles Science (eLetter, 18 December 2017)

49. Autonomous vehicles must prepare for jamming and spoofing attacks Science (eLetter, 18 December 2017)

48. There are two types of sonic weapon using audible and inaudible sonic devices Science (eLetter, 14 December 2017)

47. Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is limited: Bosai is crucial for saving our lives Science (eLetter, 14 December 2017)

46. Abstraction in Haiku plays a key role in Science Science (eLetter, 27 November 2017)

45. The current patent law makes us happy? Science (eLetter, 21 November 2017)

44. Raising society's moral standards play a key role for alleviating plastic waste problems Science (eLetter, 17 November 2017)

43. Special cares for lay public are needed for correcting scientific facts Science (eLetter, 17 November 2017)

42. Not "United Nations" but "United Industries" should be considered for global warming and Paris agreement Science (eLetter, 14 November 2017)

41. The slow innovation field with patent will become more profitable by using a rapid innovation with a new technology Science (eLetter, 7 November 2017)

40. The earth's best health may be different from the ideal ecosystem Science (eLetter, 6 November 2017)

39. Science is not robust but fragile Science (eLetter, 2 November 2017)

38. We should learn the past lessons Science (eLetter, 30 October 2017)

37. What should publishers do actions to researchers before they taking ResearchGate to court? Science (eLetter, 26 October 2017)

36. Brexit and EU science problem is like a "Whack-A-Mole" global-players game Science (eLetter, 23 October 2017)

35. Communication codes have been oscillating Science (eLetter, 12 October 2017)

34. Finland has several solutions for diversity initiatives problems Science (eLetter, 12 October 2017)

33. Tuna has efficient hydrodynamic multiple small fins for stability Science (eLetter, 7 October 2017)

32. Balanced heat flux (flow) is needed in thermoelectric power generation Science (eLetter, 6 October 2017)

31. Flat heat pipes can enhance electrocaloric cooling by improving heat dissipation to the air Science (eLetter, September 26 2017)

30. Machine learning should be used for improving weather forecast Science (eLetter, September 18 2017)

29. Japanese postdocs are getting older Science (eLetter, September 8 2017)

28. Adding random bias plays a key role for suppressing the effect of bias itself Science (eLetter, September 7 2017)

27. Openness is a key for successfully driving profit organizations Science (eLetter, August 28 2017)

26. Durability is a key for energy harvesting Science (eLetter, August 25 2017)

25. A conflict of interest plays a key role in shaping Wikipedia Science (eLetter, August 22 2017)

24. The role of government is changing Science (eLetter, August 22 2017)

23. There is no perfect review system, Science (eLetter, August 7 2017)

22. Automated reasoning, self-organization, and optimization should be added in AI Glossary, Science (eLetter, August 4 2017)

21. Open source software is indeed based on modularity and abstraction, Science (eLetter, July 24 2017)

20. Reproducibility is a key for real peer-reviewed evaluations, Science (eLetter, July 21 2017)

19. "GPU" and "open source software" play a key role for advancing deep learning, Science (eLetter, July 20 2017)

18. Embedded security is needed in BMI devices, Science (eLetter, July 20 2017)

17. Why shouldn't we combine satellite data with mobile data? Science (eLetter, July 14 2017)

16. Deja vu for U.S. and Japan nuclear waste, Science (eLetter, July 6 2017)

15. Weighted relative citation ratio means the research success?, Science (eLetter, June 29 2017)

14. J1, H-2B, L1, B1, E2, TN1, and E3 are all nonimmigrant visas for temporary working in the US, Science (eLetter, June 6 2017)

13. Infrasound monitoring is needed for investigating noise pollution, Science (eLetter, May 5 2017)

12. Confined unfrozen water plays a key role for water pipe repairs, Science Advances (eLetter, March 14 2017)

11. The large government funds should be shared with many researchers, Science (eLetter, April 20 2017)

10. Amateurism is the mother of invention, Science (eLetter, April 15 2017)

9. Problems of photovoltaics solar energy, Science (eLetter, April 14 2017)

8. Ensemble methods significantly improve prediction, Science (eLetter, April 12 2017)

7. Statistical syllogism and deductive syllogism in software packages, Science (eLetter, April 12 2017)

6. Inductive and deductive reasoning must be merged for enhancing prediction and breaking its limits, Science (eLetter, April 8 2017)

5. Ensemble methods can improve election prediction, Science (eLetter, April 7 2017)

4. Cooling power can be improved by overlaying metamaterials, Science (eLetter, March 31 2017)

3. Magma energy power plant, Science (eLetter, March 11 2017)

2. Black box is not safe at all, Science (eLetter, October 20 2016)

1. A near-optimum parallel planarization algorithm, (Sept. 15 1989) Science, pp.1221-1223

----------Science published by Shino Iwami---------

17. An issue of reproducibility in the trans-disciplinary fields, Science, 24 Jan 2018

16. Future utilization of 3D printers in space, Science, 29 Jan 2018

15. Barriers to applying machine learning in social sciences, Science, 26 Dec 2017

14.Indiscriminate attack and imprinting from early childhood Science, 24 Dec 2017

13. Why the creatures of the Balkans’ caves are targeted Science. December 15 2017

12. Earthquake early warning systems should accompany response plans Science. December 15 2017

11. The advantage of temporal network will give an evidence to finish railway operation under depopulation Science. December 15 2017

10. Next to simulation - Designing networks Science. December 15 2017

9. Perovskite solar cell as a case of evidence-based policy Science. November 19 2017

8. Will preprint get the top academic authority? Science. November 09 2017

7. Non-peer-reviewed articles in addition to preprints – Preprints, domestic proceedings and university bulletins, Science (eLetter, 4 November 2017)

6. Roads and measurement of regional economy Science (eLetter, 4 November 2017)

5. Conflicts between resource-riches and resource-shortage Science (eLetter, 22 October 2017)

4. Influence of political upheavals on science and technology Science (eLetter, 23 October 2017)

3. Finnish and Japanese systems for genomic analysis, and an expectation for interdisciplinary research, Science (eLetter, 16 October 2017)

2. Historical information is available additionally for disaster mitigation, Science (eLetter, Sept. 27 2017)

1. Evidences ignore information of unformatted or untargeted data Science, Science (eLetter, Sept. 19 2017)


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